Wellness Programs

Our wellness resources include product and vendor information, newsletters, wellness program ideas, incentive strategies and additional information on how a wellness program fits as part of an expanded health improvement strategy. Information/tools include:

  • A wellness roadmap
  • Developing a wellness strategy
  • Implementing a successful incentive strategy
  • Smoking cessation
  • Disease management
  • Weight management
  • Employee engagement and communication ideas
  • Measuring results and ROI
  • Newsletter

Health Advocacy

We have access to medical advocacy services, which are a means of helping both employers and employees navigate the increasingly complex health care and insurance markets. These services do not replace health insurance; rather, they provide assistance in:

  • Solving claims and billing problems
  • Insurance and related administrative issues
  • Identifying and helping arrange appointments with specialist physicians and excellent medical institutions
  • Assisting with coordinating complex clinical issues
  • Accessing community resources
  • Identifying services that fall outside traditional health insurance coverage
  • Assisting with health issues for members’ elderly parents