Our Process

New Strategy

Once we have completed our gap analysis, we provide you with formal recommendations to help move your company closer to its goals. Considering both your company’s financial and cultural objectives, as well as the needs of your employees, we prepare recommendations to include opportunities for savings, alternate plan design considerations, employee engagement options and new products or services not currently being offered.Areas we will focus on vary depending on our analysis, but may include:

  • Employee Communications Are your employees throwing away money by not participating in your 401(k) plan, therefore forfeiting employer matching funds? Do they have access to free employee assistance program services that they do not know about and therefore are not using? If your employees do not fully understand the benefits that are offered to them, they may not be getting the full value out of them. Ensuring that your employees understand not just the benefits but also the value they offer can help increase your return on investment. Money spent on benefits that no one is utilizing is wasted. We can help you put together a communications strategy that will extend beyond just the open enrollment period to help employees better understand the benefits you provide.

  • Plan Design Consultation Do you have employees that use their medical benefits too much, unnecessarily driving up your health care costs? Perhaps a change to a higher copay or deductible, or even to a consumer-driven health plan, can help. Or are they skipping out on necessary preventive care due to the costs, and as a result later have more costly ER or hospital admission costs? If so, you may wish to explore the possibility of paying a more significant amount for routine physicals and selected prescription drugs that can help prevent more costly expenses down the road. Based on a review of your current plans and available claim information, we can make plan design recommendations that will provide your employees with the incentive they need to seek more appropriate types and amounts of care.

  • Contribution Structure We will review your contribution structure and make any needed      recommendations on changes to the amount you contribute for employees vs. dependents, or to your benefits eligibility waiting period.

  • Wellness and/or Disease Management Programs Could your employees benefit from a wellness program? Do you have a high prevalence of a particular disease, such as diabetes or heart disease, among your employees? Does the nature of their work lead to a high number of injuries that could be reduced with proper training? Based on the available claims history and feedback from you, we can help you implement a wellness program designed to improve the health of your employees, thereby reducing your long-term health, disability and workers’ compensation claims. Wellness programs can also be an important element in meeting your company culture objectives.

  • Voluntary Benefits Perhaps your budget just will not allow you to provide certain benefits, such as dental, disability or critical illness that your employees are asking for. We can make recommendations on voluntary benefits, allowing your employees to choose and pay for the benefits that are most important to them while still being able to take advantage of the increased convenience and affordability of an employer-sponsored benefits program.