Key Person Life and Disability

Executive Benefits

How do you make sure that your most valuable assets – your top executives – feel rewarded, valued and motivated to continue making your company great? Create an executive benefits program that helps give them long-term financial stability.

Most employee benefits programs are sufficient for average rank-and-file employees. However, because of plan limitations, these same plans can adversely discriminate against Highly Compensated Executives (HCEs). Recruiting, rewarding, retaining, and retiring top executives are key to the ongoing success of a company. The development of an attractive executive benefits plan is vital in order to maintain quality leadership and prevent costly turnover of senior management. The executive benefits plan can include deferred income, survivor benefits, long term care insurance, supplemental disability income, and basic benefits such as life, health, and dental insurance and 401(k) plans.  Our Executive Benefits team has one main focus: to build the best executive benefits package for your company and its key people.