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Employee Services

Employee benefits are more complex than ever. Making benefits decisions from a wide array of increasingly complicated and costly health care plans and voluntary benefits, while also struggling to save enough for retirement, can be overwhelming for many employees. Different employees have different needs. Single employees, employees with families and young children, employees in the “sandwich generation” who are raising their children and caring for aging parents, and pre-retirees all have different needs. They need somewhere to turn to help them make difficult decisions about their benefits, their health care, their retirement savings and other life events.

While employee communications are important to helping employees understand their options, we can provide you with a robust suite of employee services that help employees and their families with virtually all health care and insurance-related issues. Below are just some of the employee services that we can deliver through our relationship with Benefits Partners.

Health Advocate

Health Advocate helps employees and their families (including parents and parents-in-law) navigate the health care system and maximize their health care benefits. Its comprehensive services will help your employees with clinical and administrative issues involving their medical, hospital, vision, dental, pharmacy and other health care needs. Health Advocate’s services include:

  • Personal Health Advocate (PHA)
    • Registered nurse
    • Member speaks with same PHA each time
    • Medical director support
    • Ensures privacy/confidentiality
  • Clinical Services
    • Finds some of the best doctors and hospitals
    • Assists with complex medical conditions
    • Locates and researches treatments for a medical condition
    • Secures second opinions
    • Schedules appointments with hard-to-reach specialists
    • Identifies “best-in-class” medical institutions
  • Administrative Services
    • Resolves insurance claims
    • Saves money on health care bills
    • Navigates within an insurance company
    • Assists with correcting billing mistakes
  • Health Coaching
    • Helps prepare patients for health care appointments
    • Answers questions and provides information
    • Helps members better understand their conditions
    • Helps members become active participants in their health care
  • Information and Service Support
    • Assists with eldercare issues
    • Obtains health information to help members make informed decisions
    • Helps members complete qualification applications
    • Identifies and coordinates wellness services
    • Helps make arrangements for members’ special service needs
    • Helps arrange transportation services