ACA Consulting

With ACA changing, you need a consultant to advise you on what is important to you and your company.  As your ACA consultant we would provide the following services: 


  • Ongoing consultation regarding what each ruling by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) means for your company.
  • Compliance assistance in all upcoming federal law requirements that govern health and welfare plans. This insures timely filing of all forms.  
  • Drafts of sample notices that must be sent to the employees; e.g. the upcoming notice regarding Exchanges and their availability. 
  • Quarterly webinars reviewing what new HHS rulings have occurred, what actions need to occur to stay in compliance, and what actions employers need to take in the coming month. 
  • A dedicated website to store all forms, white papers, payroll stuffers and other information about ACA that employers and their employees should find helpful. 
  • Quarterly planning sessions to update and track any changes in the strategic plan.  
  • Pay or Play Calculator reviews created by QBA Benefits, LLC.